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Huge spider is latest arts event – I so wish that I could have got home to see this :-(

Virtual Worlds: hopes Second Life hasn’t ruined virtual worlds for everybody

Hello! magazine to launch readers’ blogs | PDA: The Digital Content Blog |

The Official Blog of LG

Facebook’s virtual gifts may make more than $40 million this year » VentureBeat – Facebook gains incremential business from clinging to the coat tails of Korean web pioneers like Duam, Naver and Nate.

Stephen Baker – The Numerati – interesting blog about data analysis, I got to meet Usama Fayyad when I was at Yahoo! and the work that his team were doing on dissecting data was phenomenal

The story behind Google Chrome – but its still broke on the Vista machine in the office

Middle East Has World’s Second Fastest Internet Traffic Growth – StartUpArabia

Cowboy Caleb – Lenovo Is Watching The Singapore Blogosphere – Lenovo gets on the case for Singapore’s prankster-in-chief. My colleague Melvin put it to the test here