3UK through the customer services looking-glass

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3UK complains about a little data usage

I have been happy with my 3UK experience so far after the rocky start. However, the data policy has left me puzzled. I have never had a problem surfing the web with my 3UK mobile broadband dongle. Now apparently a bit of use on Twitter via Twibble and using ZoneTag to ship up a few dozen photos on to flickr a month from my Nokia N95 and have managed to use 1GB of data. I haven’t really had a chance to use Skype much and used no streaming video at all so my breach of the fair use policy on 3UK is a bit of a mystery.

So I spoke to a gentleman on 3UK’s customer service line. Apparently he couldn’t tell me where the data went. I was told to wait until my  bill arrived. There is no right of appeal, the system is considered infallable. He did have the good sense to Google my blog whilst he was on the phone to me (Feedburner and Samspade come in handy).

Move on to later on in the afternoon and I spoke to Mustapha in the 3UK shop on The Strand. Mustapha “couldn’t say anyting”, he didn’t know what to advise. He also told me that the bill when it arrived wouldn’t leave me any wiser. However, if I continue to use my phone for tweets, it will be cut off.

I frankly am stunned, confounded and puzzled. Any wisdom welcome!