Design: Year Zero London

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I came across Year Zero London when I visited The Hideout on Upper James Street in Soho. Year Zero is around the corner on Beak Street. The store has very much a DIY feel with popular brands and borrowed imagery. The label was founded by Rocky and Louise Mazzilli who used to be part of fashion boutique Voyage.

In comparison this is a very back to basics fashion brand. The clothes are a mix of distressed dresses, hooded tops and t-shirts. I spoke briefly to Rocky who explained that he does the silk screen printing and  and they also use end-of-the line iron-on transfers to give the look. All the images are taken from the 1950s through to 1980 – giving it a DIY punk ethic, but more Sigue Sigue Sputnik than the Sex Pistols. I picked up a t-shirt that used the iconic Star Wars stormtrooper helmet.

Their brash and breezy style fits quite nicely with streetwear designs.