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Valley marketing pioneer Regis McKenna looks back, and ahead – – Bob Cringely famously wrote that the same 48 or so people keep cropping up in the history of Silicon Valley. Regis McKenna is one of them. Without Regis McKenna and his peers who pioneered PR at HP and Techtronix there wouldn’t be a ‘tech PR’ sector

How PR Can Help Some Startups: Perspective of one Industry Analyst

Play With Spider – Flash 3D –

Why brands love Bond – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – I guess the reason why I like St Helen’s Saints is because of their informal brand association with aspirational man Johnny Vegas ;)

Sony Ericsson Jumping Into Unlimited Downloads As Well; Launching Before Christmas |

Trade mark owners will need greater vigilance from October | OUT-LAW.COM‘Trade mark owners will have to be more vigilant than ever in protecting their marks from the beginning of next month when new trade mark laws come into effect. The change is expected to increase demand for brand monitoring services. From 1st October the process of registering a trade mark will be streamlined so that applications will only be automatically open to challenge, or opposition, for two months instead of three.’

Threads | Banned Books – Join the debate! – really nice idea, I think that Borders could have done so much more with the execution on this

What do CIOs Think About Social Media? – ReadWriteWeb – or five whiny reasons why they try and hold back progress

In D.C. antitrust circles, how Google became the hunted

News on Japan – Christmassy in Japan – wrong, wrong, wrong

DRILLPOP – I love the cheesy eye candy on this site. And it just shows what can be done from a creative point of view with a Blogspot account

Slipknot Frontman Says Labels Cause Piracy | TorrentFreak

Marketing, DDB helps polish “Made in China” with advertising campaign

Communities Dominate Brands: Mobile Advertising the BMW way, launching 1 Series, 2D Barcodes, used cars