Enjoy the silence

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Last Wednesday I went to see the Smirnoff Original Nights Silent Disco featuring the Fun Lovin’ Criminals at KOKO in Camden thanks to Rax, Alec and the rest of the gang at Splendid.

Silent Disco is where all the attendees have individual wireless headphones rather than a sound system. You get to hear live music without getting ringing in your ears and distortion obscuring the music. There is a trade-off between the quality of the sound and the latency of the wireless network so it was a bit weird watching the Fun Lovin’ Criminals slightly out of sync with the sound coming through the headphones.

Taking the headphones off, provides a wealth of socialising and people watching. I chatted to Alex whilst the Fun Lovin’ Criminals played their set – it was a surreal experience but one that worked. Then there was the venue clientele. Much of the entertainment for me came from watching revellers sing along to Smack My Bitch Up and Rhythm Is A Dancer a capella. The experience was so sudden and strange sometimes that we would have to slip one ear cup on in order to clarify what was going on.

It was an interesting experience and I would recommend that everyone has a go at least once. My set of pictures from the night can be found here.