Jargon Watch: Brickor Mortis

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I was leafing through thelondonpaper this evening on my way home on the tube and noticed an article on page five by John Dunne. Housing market ‘paralysed’ talked about how the UK housing market had seen its lowest level of mortgage lending for the past three years due to the ‘time of turmoil in the banking sector’. This lull in housing market activity was apparently dubbed ‘brickor mortis‘ by experts.

A quick scan of Google News shows that Laura Howard of The Independent in her article Ways to secure a sale in hard times (August, 24 2008) credits UK property sales behemoth  Rightmove with the origin of the term. Whilst the world may be crashing around our ears its good to see that punning humour lives on, even  if its in the desire of a lowly PR person aspiring to be a traditional red-top sub-editor.