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Groove Records: The online dance music store.

Harvard professor sees answers to nagging Web-youth issues

Edelman Digital – Protect your reputation on Twitter – sound advice Marshall Manson: though if you haven’t put this advice out to your company covering ALL social media its like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted

Matsushita Officially Called Panasonic In Japan : Akihabara News .com

PR Communications: Google’s Blogroll Of Competitors – its counterintuitive to the ‘never mention a competitor’ canon in PR, but it makes total sense in a social media context. Yet another reason why you can’t just ‘port’ PR into the digital arena

Enswer – New Paradigm of Video Search 동영상 검색의 시작 – thanks to Techno Kimchi for the heads up. Enswer is a video search service that gives Blinkx and Virage’s video recognition and search technology a run for its money

TechnoKimchi :: Wikis in the Asian market? Check out!

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Leadership | PBS

Oakley’s Optical Illusion | Fast Company – fantastic pictures from Oakley’s HQ building

When “Old Master Q” wears PRADA