Jargon Watch: Micro-agency

Micro-agency: this is one that Jonathan Hopkins picked up that I came up with when talking about his agency Shed. It was a blatant steal on the concept of micro-brewery – a small brewing pilot-plant based business that competes in a niche, specialism or on quality with larger more-efficient brewing operations. To me the analogy for agencies was obvious, smaller and more dynamic than even a boutique agency, but bringing more to the table for clients than a freelancer with a good  tax accountant; the trick is picking out the micro-agencies from around the industry.

One reply on “Jargon Watch: Micro-agency”

  1. Micro-agency sounds like the virtual agency concept touted in the late 90s. On paper, you’d think clients would snap up this kind of offering ie best of breed expertise at presumably lower rates due to lower overheads (or at least greater value at the same price as a trad agency due to better allocation of resources). And yet. The virtual agency concept has never really caught on. However, in these more straightened times, perhaps the day of the micro agency is near.

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