Links of the day

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Crowdsourcing, Attention and Productivity by Bernardo A. Huberman, Daniel M. Romero, Fang Wu of HP Labs – Web content creators do it for attention, its been proven. Or as common sense has told us for a while the currency of kudos

Knowingly Undersold Article – Eurogamer – nice analysis of the Nintendo Wii’s place in the gaming market

Boomtown of Dubai feels effects of global crisis – International Herald TribuneUntil recently, credit in Dubai was growing by 49 percent a year, according to the Emirates’ Central Bank — a rate almost double that of bank deposits’ growth. That unnerved some bankers here, who felt it could lead to a collapse. “In the U.S., the challenge is about keeping the banks going,” said Marios Maratheftis, chief economist for Standard Chartered Bank. “Here, the economy has been overheated, a correction is needed, and it’s about making sure the slowdown happens in a smooth, orderly manner.”

For all kinds of good, clean fun, Koreans turn to bathhouses – International Herald Tribune

Social Media in Africa, Part 2: Mobile Innovations – ReadWriteWeb

FRONTLINE: young & restless in china | PBS – Interesting US TV documentary on the changing face of China throough the eyes of young Chinese people that PBS followed.

apophenia: teens, dating, friendship, and school dances – interesting dissection of current thinking about social network augmented relationships for teens – common sense required | The cultural hub for British & Japanese Friends

YouTube – Sesame Street – James Earl Jones recites the alphabet – Placenames Database of Ireland

Ad agencies face being squeezed out of Soho, says new report – will Soho just become hedge funds and Starbucks?