Jargon Watch: The Great Schlep, Daylighting

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Daylighting – With the knowledge economy some more enterprising souls ply the black economy with their skills during their working day, giving a whole new meaning to multi-tasking. This varies from designers who work on freelance projects during down time or their lunch hour to sales people who hold two jobs down at once. I once knew a PR person who looked after his freelance clients by making calls from the company toilet cubicle. Kudos to CNN for highlighting this new trend.

The Great Schlep – Schlep is a fantastic Yiddish word, meaning an overly-long or thankless trip. I have got no idea how my Irish parents picked it up as youngsters in the middle of rural Galway. Now it is being used by Obama supporters to encourage young Jewish people to visit their older relatives wintering in Florida to try and pursuade them to consider voting for the Democratic Party in the upcoming presidential elections. More on The Great Schlep initiative here.