Links of the day

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BBC NEWS | Africa | How to say I Luv U in Nigeria – interesting story on the adoption of SMS in Nigeria

Playful: A day of talking about videogames and things – gutted that I can’t make this, work gets in the way once again

Rands In Repose: The Culture Chart

What’s new with the Chinese consumer – The McKinsey Quarterly – What’s new with the Chinese consumer – Marketing – Sectors & Regions

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Cool Threads | PBS

Projector inc. – Tokyo’s hottest digital agency

Presentations from FOWA Expo 08 London Bookmark this Page if You Want to Pitch Me (Or Any Reporter) – this is the best thing I have read in a while

Will Video Search Ads Be YouTube’s Money Mint? – Surpasses Yahoo! Search

Live Ars Technica coverage of Apple’s 2008 notebook event