Jargon Watch: Speed flatmating, urban spam

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thelondonpaper’s article Find your perfect roomie with speed flatmating talks about a new London phenomena of speed flathunting,  which are informal events modeled on speed dating for housemates who want to avoid ending up with incompatiable people, weirdos, psychopaths or other nut jobs. These events are organised by websites such as Spareroom and Easyroommate. Some people even post video auditions on Youtube for prospective flat mates, like as if they were going to take part in a reality TV drama. Whilst Shakespeare may have written that all the world’s a stage, he didn’t mean that you treat it like a contestant on Big Brother or MTV’s Real World.

Russell Davies’ blog post draping the city in data and dodging augmented urban spam about a future city scape littered with the outdoors equivalent of interactive and flash banner advertisements – this is the urban spam of the title.

Advertising agencies have already experimented with interactivity and bluetooth broadcasting in bus shelter ads for music and film, what happens if they do the same thing for Cillit Bang? Would society break down like lime scale and grime from over-exposure to Cillit Bang spokesperson Barry Scott?