Voting on Twitter

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Early adopter demograph JPG, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

TwitVote has been polling the Twittersphere on their preferred candidate in the US presidential election. Currently John McCain is trailing Barack Obama by a proportion of four votes to every one he’s received.

Obviously, this poll isn’t balanced. Twitter is populated with a global community and what international audiences want is often at odds with the US electorate. Secondly many of the digital early adopters who use Twitter live in major conurbations like the Bay Area which have liberal leanings.

Conversely, there is a dearth of Republican heartland demographic on there: gun racks, a literal interpretation of the bible and pick-up trucks don’t sit that well with the web 2.0 adoption curve.

Because of these facts I find it interesting that TwitVote has captured so much attention, given that it is so distant from the electoral reality and so cannot be considered to be a zeitgeist measure. Maybe its the self referencing (or less charitably, navel-gazing) nature of the media and digital elite?