Goodrec: iPhone drives good web design

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Goodrec JPG

My friend Jenny reached out to me the other week. Like so many of us, she’d finally left Yahoo! and found a new home at Goodrec, a SFO start-up that provides recommendations (at which point I can hear you sign and think to yourself: why should I care, there’s plenty of them like Yelp, Qype, Trusted Places or the recommendations part of larger applications like Yahoo! Local Search. All he needs to do now is mention the Jesus Phone.) And funnily enough they also have an iPhone application (a full house on my web 2.0 bullshit bingo 2008 edition card.) But that’s not my point.

By virtue of the necessity to have short form content for its mobile cousin, the website has become surprisingly useful in a similar way to Twitter and you get a nice clean design to boot. It makes adding content absurdly easy, since you only have 140 character descriptions to play with. This means that whilst the content is a bit sparse now it should fill up in no time at all. It is interesting that the friending system on the site is very similar to Flickr and delicious: you can be a fan, if the friending is reciprocated then you are friends. As with most of these things, community management is going to be critical, but this is a service I will be going back to on a regular basis to see how it develops.  You can check out my profile here.