Plundering 1960s design

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Plundering 1960s design, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

Motor car companies have their best days behind them, how else could you explain the way that they plunder their back catalogue for design cues, the same way that Oasis seem to raid the Beatles and the Byrds or Hoxton kids in an Oxfam shop cooing over Nick Kershaw album covers.

However I think that Ford Motor Co’s borrowing from its typographic design of the 1960s for the badges on next year’s Ford Mustang is a welcome change. Typography on most cars now is so poor, that European luxury carmakers offer an option to leave it all off.

I think that this is a shame as the designs of the 1960s held so much promise, mainly derived from a foolish futuristic fantasy. But they dared to dream and that’s the important bit. Now if Japanese companies could turn the clock back on their typography and start making stuff out of solid aluminium facias with real teak end plates, the world would be nicer even as we go to ecological hell-in-a-handbasket.