Out and about: Embankment Park Cafe

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Embankment Park cafe

Embankment park is a relic of a more civil society bankrolled from the proceeds of the British Empire, the bronze memorials to daring-do and battles long forgotten sit in gardens tended by the City of Westminster. In the middle of the park is a well-maintained but old brick and wood hut that acts as a cafe. Stepping inside the cafe is like a step back in time as the less efficient  fume hoods ensure that there steamed windows and the fantastic smell of bacon being fried in dripping. It has a gentility and Britishness to it that would make it home in a John Le Carre novel.

The service however is suitably modern and the menu ideal for an out-of-office meeting, especially if you want a change from Starbucks. If the weather is sufficiently dry, the seats outside provide an ideal way of living the continential cafe society lifestyle; buy yourself a coffee, enjoy the gardens and watch the world go by.

There is no wi-fi service, but then everybody I know now has a 3G broadband dongle instead and the reception is exceptional, so remote working shouldn’t be a problem.