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ABode Manchester hotel

As part of my work as a trainer for e-Consultancy I occasionally venture north to Manchester. The city has changed a bit from the late 80s and early 90s when I used to go there record shopping and clubbing. Regeneration money has been well spent and the city has made the use of its older buildings as part of its new role as a suave and sophisticated playground.

I usually stay in the ABode in Manchester, a reasonably-priced boutique hotel right by Piccadilly station and within walking distance of the course training centre. The hotel used to known as the Rossetti, with a new brand has come a mild makeover giving the hotel more polish without affecting its character. I have linked to a group of flickr pictures that I took of my suite last time I was there to give you a flavour.

The service and food are very good, but the real star is the building itself. The designers have set off the Victorian space with touches of 1960s design to make a unique combination.The service is great and there is a competent restaurant that provides as indulgent a breakfast as your conscience and waist line will allow.