Ford Ka – living the web of no web

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Robin and Sandrine of we are social introduced me to a new marketing campaign for the Ford Ka (that’s the small one that handles like a petrol-powered skateboard) at Mobile Geeks of London event. I meant to blog about it, but I have been exceptionally slack (sorry Sandrine and Robin), so I slapped Dreadzone on shuffle play and sat down on my ball to write this post.

Ford of Europe have come up with a new campaign which mixes online, mobile and traditional poster marketing. It goes beyond  ‘oohgling’ Posterscope’s label for search campaigns driven by out of home advertising (billboards), using QR codes to allow interaction with the poster via a suitable mobile handset (you can get details on how to get the application that you here).

The best way of explaining how it works is if you have a look at the video and the photos of the glyphs that the gang at we are social did. You move your handset around with the camera on view and you can see the rendering of the car move around, now imagine if you had this for different colour variants of stuff at IKEA or as a new way of trying on clothes for online clothes shops like ASOS.

Unfortunately only positioning and image label data is held in the glyph, the application comes preloaded with the models. I thought it is a very powerful idea, and it provides a glimpse into the true potential of the ‘web of no web‘ with the transposition of real-world and electronic information, oh and the new Ka looks nice.