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Speculation Increases That ARM-Powered Apple Netbook is On the Way | Technomix | Fast Company – not sure about this given that Apple killed the eMate an ARM powered netbook

Youth Marketing Statistics: How Do Boomers Use Their Mobiles?

eMarketer makes bearish projection for social network ad spending » VentureBeat

Linkinus, the IRC app for Mac OS X

Health Check: How Trusted Is Your Corporate Blog?

Youth Marketing Statistics: Web Video Watchers Have Short Attention Spans

More Good News for Apple on the Enterprise Front – BusinessWeek Five Ways OpenID Can Be Embraced

China. Wow. at Mike Butcher

HOW TO: Optimize a Pre-Existing Google AdWords Account – SEM isnt a one off process that’s why they call it key word management, more detail here

+8* | Plus Eight Star | Future of mobile, TV and video from Asia – really nice presentation

Londonist: Shoot and Eat: Sichuan Restaurant

Emma Smart Portfolio – Some really interesting packaging design

MacLibre | Open Source Software Distribution for Mac OS X

Online PR Industry Benchmarking Report | E-consultancy.comother people have written about this, the big picture is that everything is to play for and digital marketing agencies are doing a good job of eating the lunch of many PR agencies.

Intel Social Media Guidelines