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Adobe Experimenting With Semantic Autogeneration of 3D Worlds – ReadWriteWeb – Adobe has come up with a great application that goes way further than Microsoft Photosynth “Infinite Images is that it can assemble a world out of any collection of photos, logically connecting them based on the semantics of their descriptive tags. So, for instance, you could take a diverse group of street scenes and stitch them into something resembling Google’s Street View, except that you might start navigating down a street in London and find your self standing on a street in New Delhi.” Very cool and Adobe is the creative defacto standard so this makes sense

Can Manga Help Lagging Bookstore Sales? – Knowledge@Emory

A New Look for McDonald’s – McDonald’s is rolling out new designs for its food packaging to “create unique personalities for our menu items by telling a story about each one.” Storytelling through packaging design

Best Ad: Evolution of Logos

A lot of Brits don’t understand search engines | Technology |

Bruce Lee does table tennis – love this viral for Nokia in which Bruce Lee takes on oponents in a table tennis match using a set of nun chucks

SMART car viral (Chinese)

Learn Chinese – ChinesePod

TomTom Route Planner Beta – TomTom tries to do a better Google Maps

Office Lendorff – I love the knitwear on this site

Chung Dha Lam: Animated Businesscards – one of those duh ideas that works really well

Apple says iPhone is a console experience not a phone