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Holiday reading bought from Amazon

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Holiday reading bought from Amazon, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

My package of holiday reading finally arrived from Amazon today. Anathem is the latest book by Neal Stephenson which is based on the vision and work of the Long Now Foundation. I had a read a lot of the work in the William Gibson canon but not his most recent work, so I thought I would make up that deficit.

Finally I had started reading Mark Leonard’s What Does China Think? earlier this year and then lost my book on the tube. So I hope to pick up where I left off with it. More details once I have completed reading the books. What is your holiday reading? Tagging Jed, Ben and Melanie.

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Pattern recognition is excellent – I was a bit disappointed at Spook Country, but it might need a second read. Good luck with Anathem – it’s a vast, enormous tome of a book…

Hey Ged,
Thanks for tagging me, I’ve just put my list up. It’s good for me to publish this list – otherwise I’d have run the risk of simply piling the books up and never actually getting around to reading them!

I’m quite interested in What Does China Think too…

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