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U.S. Wings – really nice leather jackets

World’s first Blu-ray/DVD hybrid developed in Japan : Boy Genius Report
– hybrid disc

RS Components UK site – handy for spare parts

Economy and HD Adoption Driving Stay-at-home Entertainment Up – Switched – cacooning popular again like in the early 80s, substitute DVDs, PVRs and HD for Nicam, VHS and Beta and you’re there

Consumers Are Choosing Simpler Electronic Gadgets – – its not about consumers making their money go farther as being tired of feature-rich but unusable products

Disrupting Class and Playing Games
– interesting piece by Fred Wilson on the decline in kids following technical careers

Why and How Embargoes Work in Tech Blogging – ReadWriteWeb

When is the best time to start a company? « Buster’s Brown Blog – Salim explaining why its great to start a company in a downturn

MySpace v. Facebook Advertising Showdown. Which Platform Is Better?