Class and the internet

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We make judgements about the people we meet, or pass on the street as we walk through a neighbourhood: their clothes, the way they speak, the kind of car they drive or the way they walk. The same is true online, an email address can say so much about the person , here’s some examples to start things off. I would be interested in any other suggestions that people have:

  • .aol – they probably don’t have broadband. If their internet connection was a bicycle it would have training wheels on, despite this they have probably been on the net for a while
  • .mac – Old-school Apple user way before the iPhone blew up as an internet device
  • .me – iPhone mainstream adopter. Johnny-come-lately’s
  • .gmail – In the UK, this is likely to mean that they are an early adopter, the mainstream URI is googlemail
  • – its all about the ego with this one
  • – its a value orientation: cheap broadband, its also interesting that they didn’t have enough tech-savvy to get a Gmail account
  • Work address for personal business – either very late adopter, a workaholic or a Crackberry-addict