Things that I like in 2009

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So the stock market is in the toilet, I have a mortgage on a house that is now only worth two packets of Marlboro Lights and the government is going to tax me out of existence to provide a life-line to the banks, but there are things to like in 2009 and here is some of them:

Eleanor Matsuura has played prominent roles in many recent dramas including Doctor Who and Hunter: an engaging two-part police procedural earlier this year. She’s a great actress and I am sure that she will be going places

Relentless – an initial glance at the can makes it look like a lager with branding by Limp Bizkit, its actually a Red Bull competitor which tastes better and you get more (500ml versus 250ml): which is important in these value-orientated times

eBay – so its full of scam artists and a bit old hat, but with little retail inspiration in the stores, its time to go hunting for deadstock trainers and Japan-only designs online. Now if eBay would put RSS back on everything so I can stalk potential purchases via my Bloglines account I’d be happier than un porc dans le merde as they say in France

The British Museum courtyard – after meeting my friend Mecca for lunch in the covered courtyard this has become a favourite coffee hangout for me. The constant noise of footsteps allows you to focus a book and if you get bored just take in the wonderful architecture and world-class people-watching

Twittermail – it seems so obvious, but I really like this Twitter to email interface. And as an added bonus if I have my head down I still get a once a day digest of direct messages that I can work out my response to

Bob Cringely – in his post-PBS incarnation Mark Stephens aka Robert X. Cringely is cranking out even more relevant insightful content on the technology sector