Cadbury’s Dairy Milk advert: the eyebrow ad, or the sinister children ad – take your pick

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Fallon’s latest work on the Dairy Milk brief is clever and has a nicer backing track (ok I am biased in my opinion as an aging B-Boy). One element of the campaign which seems to have slipped through the cracks however is the integration of on-demand printing service Photobox.

Cadburys eyebrow ad

In the past, the brand would commission merchandise to be made and have it fulfilled against an expected number of redemptions which required submitting coupons or tokens to a postal address. In the early 1990s Tango took it up a notch by using premium rate numbers (0898 numbers) where the consumer left their contact details, the call paid for the cost of the merchandise and then fulfillment took place as usual.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Photobox integration

Cadbury, Photobox and Fallon have designed a portal that creates on demand mugs with a picture of the consumers choice. This reduces the cost to Cadbury and possibly may make the coding effort completely self-liquidating. There should be no fulfillment difficulties because of the on-demand nature of the Photobox business and the consumer has a deeper one-on-one engagement with the Cadbury brand.

The only downside on this is that Cadbury is losing an opportunity for potential data capture, however this is unlikely to be the case. Consumers generally wouldn’t be willing to give Cadbury the same level of information that they will give Photobox for an e-commerce purchase. And if consumers are engaged enough to the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand, they are likely to have already signed up on the A Glass And A Half Full Productions website anyway, so Cadbury will at least have their email address.