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Oprah Time: Wake Up by Jack Kerouac

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Kerouac’s On The Road and the Dharma Bums well-known for the influence it had on the counterculture movement, from the beat generation to the hippies and beyond. Wake Up was never published whilst Kerouac was alive, but fits logically into his other works. His love of buddhist culture and a maturing writing style makes Wake Up the most readable of all Kerouac’s work.

Wake Up is an easy-to-read biography of Prince Siddhartha, from his royal upbringing to his travels, trials and eventual enlightenment. What comes through in every page is Kerouac’s joy and enthusiasm for his subject matter. It’s the work of a man who has found his place in the world.

1 reply on “Oprah Time: Wake Up by Jack Kerouac”

Kerouac is awesome, and awesome in a 60’s beat poet way.

I’m going to dig out my Kerouac stuff and indulge tonight now.

In fact, I like Kerouac that much I wrote my dissertation using his continuous prose technique – didn’t produce the same results, but it worked fairly well!

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