Teens and Twitter

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Anastasia Goodstein over at YPulse blogs about teens and their low adoption rate of Twitter. Its a good article and makes a lot of sense check out Why teens haven’t embraced Twitter…yet. One section of the article caught my eye:

As long as teens can update their status via MySpace and Facebook for their friends as well as IM and text, Twitter doesn’t really add to the existing technology. In a column over at AdAge.com about why Millennials haven’t completely embraced Twitter, Kelly Eidson explains, “Millennials are already married to other platforms: We use Facebook to keep in touch with our friends, and LinkedIn to store professional contacts.”

I found it quite interesting that some of the very reasons I use Twitter: to update status across different platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, IM) were posed as reasons that prevented teens from using LinkedIn. So much for the millenians being techno-wizards stereotype. Maybe someone should introduce them to ping.fm?