Links of the day

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Smarta – Think create grow – need to kick the tyres on this is Xing / LinkedIn rival. It must be web 2.0 it has a flickr-like dual-colour logo.

FT launches new mobile website – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – interesting move, optimised for iPhone and Blackberry. From memory the FT used to share its content via AvantGo as well a number of years ago. Its amazing how long mobile has been an emerging platform

Simonsays: Locking down the future and what you can do to help – Mr Collister on the EU’s answer to the US Sonny Bono law

Candy Cakes – Coffee Cakes and Shakes – start-up party fuel, some nice creative designs though

Whisper it – A year later, AOL contemplates a Bebo sale

Facebook Is Too Crowded and Your Analytics Aren’t Up to Snuff – Advertising Age