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Popgadget Personal Technology for Women: Easy tea with IngenuiTEA

Find Any Film – a great site but also a source of disappointment as many of the films I want to see aren’t available in the UK. Someone needs to persuade Tartan Video to licence the entire Young and Dangerous series of films of the Hong Kong producers

Official Google Blog: Introducing Measurement Lab – Google opens up the battle front on net neutrality with a raft of citizen tools » Influence Scorecard – defining influence measurement for organisational performance management – Philip Sheldrake’s initiative could be very interesting

IMPORTANT: Yahoo’s Share Of Search Market Has Stabilized (YHOO) according to the team at Silicon Alley Insider, unfortunately however Yahoo hemorrhaging search ad market share in the UK | Econsultancy

Social media not cheap, nor a joke : PR Disasters I guess this is the new media equivalent of all the jokers who thought that PR was ‘free advertising’ back in the day

That Virgin letter – Yahoo! News UK

Adding YouTube Annotations Just Got Easy. I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This… – its already done to death on a Japanese video site whose URI I can’t for the life of me remember, but maybe useful on product demos etc.

Twitter / Techmeme – new way of submitting news stories to techmeme

CyberAlert®: newletter – some interesting stuff that they have archived here

Coca Cola’s major multichannel campaign is a minor fail | Econsultancy