On the sofa: MÄR volume 1 (episodes 1 – 13)

MÄR is a modern computer-produced anime series with the bold bright feel that matches its story. The hero is a school boy called Ginta, who enters into a magical world called MÄR Heaven through a portal (think The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). In school, he is a nerdy daydreamer, in the magical world he is a fearless athlete.

Ginta quickly gets a travelling companion, a magical talking cup and ball game / weapon called Babbo. Unfortunately Babbo, is also coveted by the powers that be and a lot of the adventures that Ginta has is to do with this continual tug-of-war over the possession of Babbo.

If you like your anime rich and adult orientated like Akira or Ghost in the Shell, this isn’t for you. If you like the high production quality of Studio Ghibli, you may find MÄR too bold, brash and crudely executed. However MÄR, does compare very well to the likes Dragonball Z or Bleach (but without the gore factor). Happy anime couch surfing.

One reply on “On the sofa: MÄR volume 1 (episodes 1 – 13)”

  1. Oh no. I didn’t like MAR much at all and would rush to try and shield Bleach from any comparrisons!

    I don’t think it is similar to DBZ either but do agree that the audience might overlap.

    What was wrong with MAR? I didn’t think the high fantasy vibe they had going on worked well with the pathos they wanted to aim for at times. Babbo was entirely unsatisfying.

    That said; I’ve just enjoyed the first four eps of Daphne in the Brilliant Blue so perhaps I’m not allowed to comment!

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