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Palm Hosts Citi Analyst, Won’t Let Him Touch Sexy Pre Phone (PALM) – is the Palm Pre the technology equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes?

YouTube Toolbox: 100+ Tools and Resources to Enhance Your Video Experience

Breaking: Facebook Surpasses 175 Million Users, Growing By 480,000 Users a Day

Yahoo! Search Blog » Blog Archive » Time to Say Goodbye to Yahoo! MyWeb – its a bit of a sad day for me. It wasn’t that long ago when Jonathan Hopkins (working agencyside) with me as his client launched MyWeb across Europe. I don’t miss the co-ordinating a global launch with Sunnyvale, juggling time zone math in my head and trying to explain the product to journalists. But I do miss getting to work with whip smart people like Tom Chi.

Digital Evangelist: Guess that Six Sigma does not work – Ian Wood writes what could be the best obituary that Motorola’s handset division may ever get.

H.P.’s Hunk of Burning Light – Bits Blog – – interesting update on optronics in computing. This is an area that has been talked about since I worked in a technology lab at Corning’s old Optical Fibre business in Deeside in the mid-90s. The site is now a greenfield inside the fence of the Toyota engine plant.

China Journal : License to Spend: Chinese Cities Hope Vouchers Will Spur Consumption – interesting efforts in China to spread economics stimulus beyond infrastructure projects

Inside the Republican National Committee’s first-ever Tech Summit. – By Christopher Beam – Slate Magazine

LAMA – Specially curated finds for the culturally inclined. – I like browsing this site for inspiration now and again – Photo effects with one click, Turn your photos into artwork.

Worldwide Lab at Alcatel-Lucent: iPhone User Experience: Good for Mobile Advertising, Bad for Teens?

From contact to contract – Design Week – interesting article on new business that I got sent by my colleague Simon