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EXOVISTA.COM – replacement lens kits for Oakley X-metal frames, not sure why Oakley allows them to get away with it, but they make some top notch lenses

beyond conversation: what web 2.0 can do for your agency « balancing act

Real-time Reputation Management Solutions : dna13

Why the Click Is the Wrong Metric for Online Ads – Advertising Age

Domino’s Simpsons sponsorship falls foul of Ofcom for promoting ‘unhealthy’ food to kids – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – does Big Food need its own version of the Portman Group before HMG goes regulatory on its ass?

Wadds’ tech pr blog: Formal methods route to proving PR value (and consultancy differentiation)

When Consumers Cut Back – A Lesson From Japan – – the UK’s bust isn’t likely to go away any time soon

SlideRocket – The Leader In Online Presentations – Analysis: Japan’s electronics giants face inevitable breakup

Anheuser-Busch demands 120 days grace before making media payments – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – reasons you know there is a credit crunch number 231: when clients start treating agencies like a bank