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Twilert – Twitter search alerts via email – my colleague Sophie recommended this service, she uses it with clients rather than RSS

Guardian website nears 30m users – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – will we ever see ‘It was The Guardian wot did it’ mimicking The Sun’s historic gloating when it was the top dog in newspaper circulation?

Popgadget Personal Technology for Women: 10 top technologies for 2009, from Technology Review

Microsoft sues TomTom, asserts Linux rights | OUT-LAW.COM

Yodel Anecdotal » Blog Archive » Getting our house in order :: » Blog Archive » china’s digital auto space ::

Web 2.0 Asia :: See? I told ya Asian bloggers are different – interesting data on Korean blogosphere

Web 2.0 Asia :: “Naver California”? – world domination awaits

Web 2.0 Asia :: Duel of Korean maps shows how difficult it is to dethrone the ruling king

Social PR Survey II: Digging deeper into agency/client relationships | Feeds |

Data: What Happens to PR Firms in a Recession, a 2009 Forecast – the trick here is to follow where the digital people go, which is the reason why agencies will pay particular attention to protect themselves from the news of departures

Schneier on Security: Privacy in the Age of Persistence – Comment: Android beyond the phone