Return to the classics: adidas Torsion bank shot

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I managed to pick up a set of these boots first time around. There were in red and blue and were ideal for dancing in warehouses till the break of dawn. After a trip out at a student night at the New Cavern Club in Liverpool where the perspiration condensed and ran down the walls mixing with spilled drink and overflowing toilets, they ended up with a ‘tide mark’ mid-way up the sole. The shoes just don’t die, my Dad wore them for a number of years after I had moved on to other styles.

Alongside the torsion special, Winter Trail, ZX 8000 and 9000 running shoes these were adidas’ signature shoes designs of the acid house era.

adidas Torsion bank shot

The new school colour way that Hanon have sears the optic nerve like the original day-glo colour way of the ZX8000 which is more appropriate than the more sedate blue and red shades that I used to rock.