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Youth Marketing Statistics: Finally, the Mobile Web Is Attracting UK Users

Techno//Marketer – Matt Dickman on Digital Marketing and Social Media: Inside//Out: Radian6

Two minute twitt-torial, |

Video Viewing Strong on All Screens – eMarketer

Google lays the smack down on ‘sponsored conversations’ | Blog | Econsultancy

Cisco’s “The Realm,” – networking snooze fest develops comic to make security interesting

‘Focus Shifted from Gadgets to QOL,’ National Semi CEO Says — Tech-On! – new trend is consumer electronics designed to enhance quality of life (QOL)

Good design: The ten commandments of Dieter Rams

Where In The World Is Innovation – interesting visualisation and gives you a good idea where tech PR agency offices should be

Ask The Readers: What’s Worth Paying for in a Recession

Who Hid the Hash Key? | Yellow Swordfish – forgot that this is difficult for switchers

HOW TO: Measure Online Influence

Why sponsored conversation — aka paid blog posts — can make sense – this was a key topic of discussion with the participants of the interactive marketing course I taught in Barcelona in November last year.

Total Telecom – Hutchison Telecom up on HK, Macau spinoff plan