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Baseball’s New MLB.TV Player Launches, Looks Good – Silverlight swapped out as Flash provides better experience

Official Google Blog: Tipping points

New Search Technologies Mine the Web More Deeply –

Microsoft takes on Google with semantic search – The Inquirer

Slashdot | The Real Reason For Microsoft’s TomTom Lawsuit – all that experience in court on the receiving end of patent suits has taught MS a thing or two

Yahoo’s Suggests Keywords for Your Ads | WebProNews – handy Yahoo! key word tool

Digital Photos: Improve Photographs Taken from Airplanes

TeliaSonera: European Carrier to Enter CDN Space — Seeking Alpha

Supreme Founder On The Recession –

2009 is the year of search – Google goes context

MediaShift . Developing Social Media Workshops for Journalists | PBS

Nokia Plans LTE Devices for 2010

Ex-Googlers Launch Likaholix, a Curated Web Startup

Why We Need Fat Mobile Pipes

For This Vanity Search, Google is Way More Real Time – John Battelle’s Searchblog

Stimulus 2.0: It’s The Startups, Stupid.

Generation Y At Higher Risk For Online Identity Theft | WebProNews

Real Life Examples: Local Social Media Marketing in Action | WebProNews

Amnesty plants social media time bomb | Blog | Econsultancy

Reinclusion in Google | TuVinhSoft .,JSC

The Altimeter by Charlene Li: Skittles bravely lets social media take over the homepage, redefines branding

Amazon Launches Kindle App for the iPhone

Our Social Media Policy | mediaczar

Barbie in the land of Chairman Mao | GlobalPost

Yorkshire Junkies – Recordings of Yorkshire pirate radio stations