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Awesome Twitter visualisation

Linux netbook market share to drop to only 10% in 2009, says paper

PC players not optimistic Windows 7 will drive demand – not sure if this is licencing posturing or recognition that PCs are no longer a growth industry but a value industry.

Digg’s lead scientist talks collaborative filtering | News | TechRadar UK

Why Total Music Purchases By Web Users Are Still Falling |

Marzano’s Instructional Strategies – designed for teachers but useful for influencing consumer behaviour

The Omni Group – OmniDazzle – very cool for live presenting

iPod Shuffle Earbuds Contain Special Chip; It’s Not a Big Deal | Wired – not quite as an interesting story as many media outlets went with

‘Smoking Smarties’ Videos Create Blaze of Unwelcome PR – Advertising Age – News

Sense Networks – interesting where 2.0 business

Social Networking Sites | Social Networks Directory – it aint Google but its a good place to start

Sayonara, Prada – The Atlantic (March 2009) – Young Japanese not into the Louis Vuitton | Chanel crack habit instead shopping at the Japanese version of Primark or Top Shop

Who owns social media? / we are social

WPP, Google to Fund Web-Ad Research –

For Sale – The $100 House – – groundswell redevelopment of Detroit

9 Reasons Japanese Interactive Work Is Awesome |

The Altimeter by Charlene Li: Future Of Social Networks presentation from SXSW

The Art of Static –

PR proposal writing checklist « balancing act

The Second Rule of QR Codes

The Forrester Blog For Marketing Leadership Professionals