The joy of commons

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Silicon Alley Insider featured one of my photographs today, I got a bit of a pleasant shock when Dick Cheney Has A Kindle appeared in my RSS reader. It was good to see that they honoured the creative commons licence that I had released the picture under (the attribution is at the bottom of the post).


The Joy of Commons JPG

I took the picture early one morning when I was tired and jetlagged, just after I’d arrived in Hong Kong. The different environment affects me by bringing out an OCD side to my personality that requires I document my surroundings and upload it into the cloud. Despite being dog-tired, I still found the Chinese script on the complementary satchets of Nescafe intriguing enough to whip out my Pentax DSLR and carefully snap this picture.


Nescafe in Chinese

I uploaded it to flickr a little bit later and the rest as they say is history.