Links of the day

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HOW TO: Use Social Media for Travel Research

Pixelmator – light version of Photoshop

Hong Kong and Macau squabble | No politics, please | The Economist – Macau seems to be getting prissy with some of Hong Kong’s people.

How China sees the world | The Economist

Corner Office – The Manager of Change at Xerox – Question –

Top Twitter Friends – interesting network mapping tool for Twitter users

Web 2.0 Asia :: Why Korea (or anywhere else) can’t create another Silicon Valley

Macs are easy to hack, but not really worth the effort | Technology | – interesting insight into the economics of hacking

NHK Special: DIGITAL NATIVES – some interesting clips that show how the internet has changed the lives of people around the world

YouTube – Google D.C. Talks: Born Digital

inamo restaurant, Soho, London – fantastic interactive ordering system

Gerd Leonhard: TheEndOfControl: Free PDFs of Each Chapter – well worth a read. I met Gerd recently when we were both presenting at the same conference in Cyprus

How to protect your brand in China | OUT-LAW.COM