I like: Red Bull ring-pull

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I haven’t noticed this before but Red Bull ring-pulls now have their iconic bull logo stamped out of the ring-pull.

Red Bull ring-pull design

Packaging companies are always looking to lighten their cans, less aluminum allows them to reduce the cost per item. Since they would be turning out millions of items per given year, they can use expensive tooling and still come out ahead. The ring-pull is stamped out of one piece of aluminium, the round recess adds strength.

Normally the circle would be stamped out whole with the edges rounded back in on themselves so no one gets hurt. Red Bull had the good sense to forgo the imcremental saving on the price of the can and turn it into a branding opportunity.

This alteration to the top of the can helps consumers find the real thing in a fridge or shelf full of own-brand Red Bull-alikes that all the supermarkets seem to have.

Supermarkets make a much better margin on own-brand products and consumer are often confused by rows of own brand and Red Bull cans mixed up on the shelf. The consumer probably won’t know the difference until they get home, drink it anyway and depending how brand loyal they are to Red Bull, they may permanently migrate to the cheaper own-brand alternative. Looking at things from this perspective; Red Bull’s distinctive ring-pull looks like money well spent, I’d say.