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Webinars – how to get the most out of the Webjam platform

Digital Hub FM – really nice local radio station site built on the Webjam platform

Time to revisit social media sponsorship | Blog | Econsultancy

Travelodge launches iPhone booking service | Blog | Econsultancy

apophenia: Bernie Hogan: “Networking in Everyday Life”

HP May Use Google Android For Netbooks (HPQ, GOOG)

Engage different consumers in different ways – why segmentation is key

Fi – The Interactive firm

A Model of The Creative Process

Facebook CFO Gideon Yu out: Personality conflict, money issues, part of IPO plan, or what? » VentureBeat

Poor economy killed Wikia Search » VentureBeat

Optimal Workshop: Home

URL shortening service raises cash, but where’s the money? | Econsultancy

Study: 8.5 Hours a Day Spent on Screens –

Who’s Messing With the Google Book Settlement? Hint: They’re in Redmond, Washington | Epicenter from

In Europe, Possible Survival Lessons for U.S. Papers –

HK, Shenzhen agree on innovation plan – interesting range of focus across a range of technologies

Social Networking Watch: MySpace Is Losing Popularity

Masters of Media, New Media MA Amsterdam » How to Pave a Digital Silk Road

Tinker Gives Twitter Its Long Awaited Events Firehose – interesting new service for Twitter monitoring

Keyword and Topic Research with Wikipedia Visualization Tools

danah boyd on teens and social technology

Joining dots between social sites reveals anonymous users – tech – 30 March 2009 – New Scientist

Zoho CRM: A Good Option for Web Workers

China Moves Closer to Nasdaq-Style Market –

IAB Reports Internet Advertising Grew 10 Percent Last Year; Outpacing TV

Microsoft To Shutter Encarta, Read All About It On Wikipedia

There Is No Secret Sauce in SEO!

Audio Gold – quality used Hi-fi equipment – lusting after an old Mackintosh pre and power amp combo for glorious analogue sonic fidelity