I like: Chivas Regal vs Alexander McQueen

I am probably a bit late to this, but given that I don’t drink, it may explain  why I have been slow to catch on. Alexander McQueen has designed some limited edition packaging for Chivas Regal’s 18 year old malt whisky. It plays to that that quaint eccentricity that British luxury brands are perceived to have, and make them endearing to their clientele.

Chivas Regal versus Alexander McQueen

The bottle is covered in deep blue leather, this works really well; but isn’t a colour that I would have normally associated with whisky. This is topped by an enameled cap for the bottle that wouldn’t look out of place in Vivienne Westwood’s jewellery collection. Thanks to lifestyleasia.

There are 2,000 bottles worldwide, so if there are any still on sale, I wouldn’t go looking for it in your local Threshers.

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  1. This limited edition bottle of Chivas Regal is a very pretty sight and would look so nice in a collection of liquor. One con to this is that it is way to expensive for an ordinary person to afford. I just stick to a good old bottle of JD with a nice Cuban cigar from http://www.gocubans.com/ to do the trick for a perfect Friday night.

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