The secondhand music market is screwed too?

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The music industry claims that rampant piracy in a world of inveterate criminals, or so that’s what the music industry would have us believe. Yinke Adegoke has the numbers here: Global music sales keep falling, pretty much everywhere.

ebay JPG

Maybe something else has changed? With advent of the CD and digital music the industry gradually killed the ‘collecting gene’ of music fans. For a long time critics have railed at the demise of the album cover. I’ve been selling some records on eBay recently and found the process very disconcerting. I thought at first that it was just the fact that I had poor eBay skills, but speaking to other eBay sellers set me straight:

I was suprised to get this for what i did, but the sales are right down for everything. ive sold 3 records in about 6-8 weeks. Really bad times are defo here, but i have reserves to pull out to try to buy what i need

Even the secondhand music market seems to have dropped away.  A combination of a tightening economic climate and a change in music consumption patterns has left even hardened collectors staying away.