The Evening Standard and marriage jokes

I can’t remember which comedian I heard first say that ‘the secret to a successful marriage was starting every conversation with his wife with the word sorry.‘ It looks like the Evening Standard took that advice to heart. Its new advertising campaign ahead of its relaunch says sorry for the previous publication failings.

Evening Standard - Sorry

From a visual point of view, it’s interesting that the title of the advertising is in a serif font and the sub-head in sans serif – this is contrary to the usual design rule of using sans serif in body copy to lead the readers eye along a line.

As a campaign its a great opening gambit, but its success is going to depend on whether the newspaper manages to change its content to become meaningful to its readership again (and whether that will be enough given the current changes happening in the news media business).

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  1. It looks like it’s the same typeface as the newspaper’s masthead, tying it nicely in to it branding-wise without having to plaster the billboard with the actual masthead / logo of the paper (just having the Eros in the bottom corner is a nice touch, but think the bottom right corner would have worked better).

    You are right that it’s poorly typeset and layed out, looking suitably ‘student portfolio’ – like the idea (as long as they’re actually able to follow through with it over the next year or two with the paper itself) but could have done with perhaps another hour spent on it to lay it out better (and pick a better sans serif, if that’s what they insist on using, for the second line of copy).

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