Jargon Watch: PANKs

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I found out about PANKs when I was investigating a niche social site called SavvyAuntie. Melanie Notkin and the team at SavvyAuntie came up with the term to define their demographic PANK (professional aunt, no kids). Aunts can come in two forms: ABR – aunts by relation and ABC – aunts by choice. ABC highlights the gen-X ‘This Life’ change where friends became the new family as a parallel shift alongside the post-nuclear ‘postmodern’ family model which has become increasingly common since the 1970s.

PANKs are a major part of a growth phenomena: the single-person household, which the UK government thinks will make up to 36 per cent of households by 2016. In the US, 43 per cent of married couples don’t have children.

PANKs are a demographic that are starting to be looked at by a wide range of consumer brands including Ford, Yoplait and Walt Disney.