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Marketing, Digital wake up call for Neutrogena Men, HONG KONG, e-Marketing, Campaigns, Magazines, Online advertising, Facebook, | – I really like this advert as attention has been paid to hitting the consumer at the point of intent (their daily wake-up routine).

Economist Debates: Copyright and wrongs: Statements

All About Emoticons

Girls with iPhones – a meme that doesn’t do much for the iPhone brand

Iraq Commander: Facebook? Sure. Twitter? Not So Sure. – The Caucus Blog – – interesting social media case study

Students Skeptical Kindle DX Can Replace Paper Chase | Gadget Lab |

10 tips for the ultimate digital road warrior bag – The Next Web

MediaPost Publications Mintel: Plastic Is Plummeting 05/08/2009

Recruitment in the recession | You’re hired—next year | The Economist – some interesting approaches in here

Mad Young Thing: Social Media and Social Change in New Zealand