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back ‘em or sack ‘em: how to be the perfect PR client « Becky McMichael’s PR Balancing Act

Local News | Wash. gov OKs tax cut for newspapers | Seattle Times Newspaper – if newspapers aren’t encouraged to change by the Darwinian forces of the market then throwing money at them is not going to solve the problem

Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense | Video on – interesting MIT Labs showcase

Toastmasters International – 10 Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes

Gizmodo – New Apple Ad Mocks Microsoft Laptop Hunters In Usual Smarmy Way – Apple – very clever judo move on Microsoft’s buying a PC adverts

Survey: Consumers prefer DVDs to downloads – CNET News – Despite trend toward digital downloads, U.S. consumers still prefer to watch favorite TV shows and movies on DVD, says market researcher NPD. Quadruples to 17 Million U.S. Visitors in Last Two Months (comScore Voices)

Virgin Mobile USA’s CEO Says Over Half The Population Is Considering Prepaid | mocoNews