Schoolyard errors: check your links

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A great deal of work is involved at the end of a web design and build project. This work is called testing. You go systematically through your site making sure that everything works and does what its supposed to. Its a complex process: you only need a few pages each with ten links out and soon you are into some major testing.

Terminator game advert

It is pretty rare to see a major brand fall down on this. I logged into Pizza Hut’s UK site and after paying, I clicked on a banner to the righthand side of my order summary to play a ‘Terminator’ game whilst my order was prepared.

Pizza Hut: Terminator  microsite 404 page

Instead I got this ‘404‘ page. If you look carefully you can see URI that the banner directed me to was

Pizza Hut: Terminator  microsite

A quick Google site found Pizza Hut’s Terminator microsite with a URI of

Without the .aspx suffix on the error page I would have said that it was a vanity or marketing URI that mistakenly didn’t redirect. But .aspx is the address for a specific Active Service Page framework. The linkage on the banner hadn’t been tested prior to being put in place.

A big waste, especially as I am sure a substantial amount of money would have changed hands in order for Pizza Hut to be able to roll out the Terminator pizza topped with terminated cows, pigs and chickens. Hopefully even the mighty artificial intelligence of Skynet will be thwarted as easily as this marketing campaign was.