Good design makes good PR

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If you’ve read this blog for while you’ll know that I like nice things and write about them. In PR terms, the best stories often sell themselves.With the rise of the internet and modern search engines it is now easier than ever to find great design. I came across a classic example of this earlier in the month.

5.11 Inc are an American company who primarily sell clothing and supplies to law enforcement, military and military wannabes. They have been going for over 40 years and up to now haven’t made much of an impact outside the law enforcement sector. The name came from a US rock climbing term. At the end of April they launched a new LED torch aimed at the law enforcement market. Nothing unusual in that, these things get launched all the time.


5.11 Tactical light for life

However, smart industrial design set and a modicum of marketing smarts had 5.11’s Tactical Light for Life feted all over the internet from design blog NotCot to Wired magazine. The torch uses some smart electronics, powerful capacitors with ability to hold a large charge and go from flat to ready-to-go in 90 seconds. The torch has a light resilient plastic case meet military and law enforcement standards.

Good design makes good PR isn’t a new idea of course, from Marc Newson to Charles and Ray Eames reputations have built careers based on their product design work as a motif, but what the internet does is augment, amplify and accelerate the process by which good design makes good public relations. This is posted on my company blog dot comms.

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