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Major Ad Campaign for Starbucks to Focus on Quality – – interesting campaign supporting social media campaigns with billboard adverts

Poor Wi-Fi Reception? Blame Baby Monitors

Advice in Interesting Times by Jerry Yang – a speech that Yang gave at the University of Hawaii

What’s happening in Japan right now?: TokyoBarCamp – I love the way the Tokyo Barcamp logo features the king of the monster movies Gojira (Godzilla) breathing a radioactive flame

apophenia: is Facebook for old people?

Web 2.0 Asia :: Playstreet lets you walk through Seoul’s hotspots – this is too cool for school

Facebook’s OpenID Goes Live

Why is measuring Lead Gen in Social Media so hard?

Seven Articles about Strategic Planning and Social Media

Corporate Social Media Teams Are Growing

Wired Struggles to Find Niche in Magazine World –

Springtime – Taxi Guides for China

ipadio – phonecast live to the World, any phone, anywhere – I hate the term phlogs – reminds me of flogging a dead horse, quite a neat service though

55 Ways to Get More Energy | Zen Habits

Japanese vending machine cafes are a recession hit | – machines reduce the need for waiting staff

The rebirth of the news business | Tossed by a gale | The Economist – The Economist on the state of the US news media business

AFP: Japan officials promote hip home – “Japan has been too quiet… and hardly made itself felt” on the world stage, he said, adding that anime and manga are “one of the few ways in which Japan can exert influence on other countries”. Or in other words, our army might only be allowed to defend the homeland but if you mess with us, we’re bringing Sonny Chiba, a posse of Gundam and Gojira (Godzilla) himself if need be

Creative Commons Releases Facebook App: Choose a License for Your Photos, Videos, and Status Updates – ReadWriteWeb

Linked Data is Blooming: Why You Should Care – ReadWriteWeb

ConvoTrack – great way of tracking conversations related to a given website.

PR 2.0: Reviving the Traditional Press Release

ZOOGAMI BEER – addictive site, very cool dynamic flash work which pulls content from around the web | Luxury Brands in China – some of the smoke-and-mirrors stuff in here makes me wonder about luxury brand longevity

3quarksdaily – Rise of the Nu Mohemians – interesting intro on how the mobile novel started off in Japan

Burger King: when great marketing doesn’t produce great results | Blog | Econsultancy

Measuring & Selling the Value of SEO for Public Relations | Online Marketing Blog

Red Cross builds communities with Flickr | Article | Homepage articles

3 Snapshots: No.1 Toyko. – 3 Snapshots – Tokyo – this happened back in March, but I seem to have missed it until now when I discovered it quite randomly.

Drilling Down – Social Networks Eclipse E-Mail –

Dell says Windows 7 price is possible barrier – CNET News – A Dell marketing executive says Windows 7 pricing is potentially an obstacle for Windows 7 adoption. What about all them bargain bucket buy a laptop adverts?

How Internet Content Distribution & Discovery Are Changing

Pay Walls Alone Won’t Save Newspapers –